Meet Dr. Kelly Mattone

Kelly Mattone, MD Cosmetic Physician, Modere Scientific Advisory Board

Hi, I'm Dr. Kelly, a Mount Sinai trained cosmetic physician and collagen expert. 

I've been researching and recommending collagen to my patients for over 30 years and was even schooled on it as a kid in the 60's by my age conscious mother. 

As a former sports medicine doctor, I witnessed the amazing benefits collagen had on my athletes' performance, endurance and recovery. I have been using collagen as the first line of defense against skin aging in my cosmetic practice for the past 20 years. 

Until recently, collagen hadn't evolved much. People are still taking the same old boring powders, pills and capsules and getting the same boring results. 

Technology has revolutionized collagen and the way we take it. Scientists have discovered the greatest innovation in the history of collagen: a clean, natural matrix in a highly absorbable liquid form that exactly mirrors human collagen composition. 

I've trained and taught everyone from physicians and professional athletes, to soccer moms, grand-moms and kids about this new generation of collagen.

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